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So a little side note before I post my actual poem…my 2 1/2 year old daughter Abbey wanted to help write a poem and I found her cute death poem worth noteing before I write my own…

Up a hill
Jesus died
Jesus in sky

Thank you for reading that, now on to my own death poem.

She dances in the foot steps of the grim reaper
Swaying in the night breeze
Tonight she will be one step away from him
And tomorrow they will be one if only for a brief moment
She knows what must be done
hands rest on her belly
There is nothing more to do
The outline of her body await the grim reaper
She wispers softly I am sorry
as she begins her dance
She will be one with the grim reaper
And he will take the life from with in her so she can start a new
So for now she will dace in the foot steps of the grim reaper
till tomorrow when they can be one
When he will take the unborn child from her body
and they are no longer one

Sorry for such a depressing poem, its just how I felt at the time I sat down to write this….

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Our love is pregnant inside me
Implanted by your actions
Everyday it grows bigger
With your action my heart gets fat
One day I can’t get any bigger
My heart breaks like a omniatic sac
I pain and contract pushing your love out
moaning while you hold me
till finally I birth our love into a new being
We are one-carring for our love-a new being
as husband and wife
till the end of time-we are one-with love

Hope you like my poem!

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She was on the phone
With the EMT
She was in her home

She began to moan
Pretty please help me
She said on the phone

She could see the bone
From her off white tee
She was all alone

She screamed in the phone
I slipped on a scone

Now there is a bone
Coming from my tee
Please come to my home

To the worker drone
She yelled out her plea
Please come to my home
I can’t be alone

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The lyrics to the Beatles Song “Dear Prudence” go something like this “Dear Prudence won’t you come out to play? Dear Prudence won’t you greet the brand new day? The sun is up the sky is blue it’s beautiful and so are you Dear Prudence. Won’t you come out to play?” I’ve pondered may times over whether these words really do describe me. And I’ve come to the decision so many times that they do not! I was named after this very song. I don’t know what my dad was thinking. When I was born I was a string bean of a baby. Born with cradle cap and a small whole in my heart, I grew into the fun loving mother I am today.

Every mother that I have talked to like to have a little alone time. I know that I sure do. It is night time the house is quiet I am all alone. Abbey is asleep in bed. I run the warm bath and get in. Slowly the days frustrations and worries melt away. After what seems like forever I climb out. Put on my hello kitty pj’s and feeling refreshed sit down to enjoy alittle me time. Me time is what definds who I am now a days. Being able to read a book, watch a movie, take a bath, hang out with friends, buy presents or find little things to make my daughter Abbey happy. This is what I think about definds me.

I guess I’ll go into what some of my favorite things are . I like cheese a whole lot, favorite color is green, love indian food and pasta, reading, writing, going to the movies, love socks and flowers I guess that is some of what makes me tick. But above all I love my daughter. She has become a big part of my life.I am a all around fun person. Having my daughter Abbey has changed my life. I am no longer a single 24 year old dealing with me I have to look afte my daughter I would have it no other way.

After what seems like only a few minutes to myself I hear the bed room door open a little half asleep child stands there. My alone time is over. I am forced into the wold of being a mom. This is who I am Prudence.

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Thud!!!!!! In the middle of the night a little girl lay asleep. Her tired mother climbs over her and goes to bed. Moments later there is a thud and loud sobs. The little girl has fallen out of bed. Last Monday night Abbey fell out of bed. Being so sleepy the next morning I had forgotten to even mention to my mother she had fallen. So my mother took abbey to daycare. Abbey complained of her arm. My mother had no idea why so she left Abbey and went on her way.  Hours later I was alerted to the fact Abbey may have hurt her arm.  The news came in a voicemail from my mother “By the way I think Abbey  hurt her arm. She was complain-ting that it bothered her. I think you should get it checked out.” What to do with that information. Was I a bad person for forgetting that Abbey had fallen and may have hurt herself? Do I leave school and take her to the ER  or wait till after school?

We were in the ER. I had left school early to take Abbey to get her arm checked out. Abbey didn’t seemed to be fazed. She was trying her best to entertain herself. “Abbey get down! Your going to fall!” People looked up. “Abbey people are looking.” There I went again caring more about what others thought. Abbey begain to fling her arms. “Oh Abbey! Your arm. Your gonna hurt your arm more.” Once again was I being a bad parent for caring about what others thought and not that Abbey may be hurt?

Finally we were called into the nurses office. “So who’s the patient and why are you here. She begin to ask “My daughter fell out of bed last night and I think she hurt her shoulder…” “How high was the bed.” I was ashamed to admit the facts. “Well it was waist high..” “Waist high on you or her?” I wanted to lie, afraid of telling the truth but why was I ashamed of the truth? “My waist…we share a bed” I said ashamed. “Well,are you sure she fell? Cause she doesn’t seem to be in any pain.” Now I was beginning to feel like a bad person all together. “Yes, she did. She was taken to daycare by my mother and complained of a hurt arm.”

We were sent to another nurse to exaim Abbeys arm. “It is a bit swollen…” She said “Will have to do some x-rays to figure out just what happened.” While we waited to get x-rays taken Abbey was given crayons and a coloring book to keep her company. She was in heaven. So far I was beginning to feel that I was taking Abbey on a wild goose chase. Maybe it was nothing, maybe it was just bruised…

We were brought into the x-ray room. Abbey was placed on the x-ray table. She listened to the x-ray technician as he took her x-rays. He couldn’t believe she was only 2 1/2 and was listening. We were sent back to wait for results. The finally result was Abbey had broken her Collar bone. The only thing that can be done for a child Abbeys age is stay off the arm and wear a sling. Two things that Abbey does not want to do. Since the trip to the ER, Abbey has fallen on her arm twice.Was I a bad person cause she fell twice on her arm?  She has worn her sling twice, once on the way home from the hospital and the second time on Saturday for twenty minutes at her music class before she relized that she could not bang her sit down stick. So she took it  off.

When people ask Abbey about her trip to the ER she responds “I got to color and get x-rays. I half to go back.” Then it seems that these same people ask me about it and I can only say “It was good.” I have leared a lot from this experience. There is no need to be ashamed of what happened or what others think. I did the right thing by taking her to the ER. It is also haard to keep a two year old like Abbey still. I did what I had to do and took Abbey to the ER. I am trying my best to keep Abbey off her arm and that is all I can do.

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The day isn’t very warm. It is the last day of summer. Abbey in a red tu-tu t-shirt followed by a long sleeve shirt and hoodie runs along the sand. She is trying not to get wet. At one point she stops and pulls off the three layers covering her chest and smiles. “Abbey put it back on” I yell. I am worried not because it is cold but because I am thinking of what people will think. “Relax” my mom says. “Most people think she’s a boy anyway.” (Abbey looks like a boy some say because she has short hair is very active and in the color blue she doesn’t look altogether like a girl.) I bight my lip and go with the flow. Abbey runs to the water grabbing on to my hand and sticking her feet in. After a moment or two she becomes cold. She then puts on her warm clothing and continues down the sand.

Later we head for the Wonder Wheel. “I want to get down!” I mutter as we get highter up.”Where here with Abbey there is no time to be scared” My mom says. There is no turning back. I open my eyes and look out over the vast horizion. I see Abbey smiling “This isn’t so bad” I say. We are up on the top of Deno’s Wonder Wheel. Looking out to one side you can see the vast ocean and its wonderful sand. On the other side you can see what I am guessing to be Luna Park. “I like the Wonder Wheel and beach” Abbey says smiling. Little does she know that we are riding  the Wonder Wheel for free. I am lucky enough to know someone who owns the Wonder Wheel.

In these ecconomic times it is hard for most people like me to try and enjoy themselves on what little money they have. How do I find things to do with Abbey and not break the bank? How do I live on what little money I have and be able to provide for a growing child? These are questions that arise so much in my daily life,

The Wonder Wheel begins to swing back and forth as I feel a pit in my stomach. Was it wrong to want to find my connection at Deno’s Wonder Wheel? I’m not sure what to think. All I can think is that Abbey is having  fun. I can’t take that smile away from her face. The Wonder Wheel slowly starts to move back down. We get off. “I want to go again” Abbey says. If only I had the money I think. “Another time Abbey”

The beach is one of the most wonderful places I like to visit in the summer. The warm sun the cool breeze. Coney Island is some place I like to share with Abbey. Although I like to go to Coney Island in the summer time it isn’t practical to get too. It takes at least an hour and a half just to get there by train. I wonder sometimes if not having a car is a good idea. If I had a car I could go to the beach more among other things. On the bright side I walk and can exersize.

Later on the train ride home I think about all that has happened that day. The free ride on the Wonder Wheel, Abbey taking her top off and the pit in my stomach comes back. Was I wrong to feel guilty for taking a free ride? Was it wrong to yell at at Abbey for taking her shirt off?  These are questions as a mom I ask myself. It is hard not too. I don’t have the answers to how to be a good parent and not feel these things. I look up and see Abbey asleep in her stroller. The pain in my stomach seems to melt away. I feel these things for love., love for my daughter Abbey. I don’t have the answer to these questiond but I do know that I have love for Abbey and I won’t have it any other way.

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What is a two year old? In my own simple terms a two year old is a toddler -someone who has been around two whole years-a mini person. My name is Prudence Anna DiBenedetto and this blog is called “Happy Abbey”. Not only am I known as Prudence-I am a Mother. Not just any mother but mother to Abbigail Starr Weinberg DiBenedetto age 2 1/2. To Abbey (short for Abbigail) I am known as Mommy. From here on in you can call me Mommy. This blog is about Abbey a bright, happy, child growing up in a little house in Astoria Queens. This blog is not just for me to talk about my daughter-it is much more. It is for me a document some of what I think is noteworthy or funny things that my dear sweet Abbey has done. Also i’d like others to enjoy these moments as well. In the end I hope to look back and smile over these.

 “Abbigail, you make me smile Abbigail please stay for awhile”. These words can be heard-as my mom sings them to the tune of “Hands Up” by Ottawan. This is how must people feel when they meet Abbey happy. Abbey is a smart 2 1/2 year old who’s favorite song is “Hands Up” by Ottawan- favorite type of music classical -Vivaldi to be exacts and favorite color green. She also carries a little hand size Buddha statue around. She is not your average 2 1/2 year old – not by a long stretch. Let me paint a picture for you.

It is a Sunday morning- Abbey’s been up since 7:30am-I’m not quite awake-she comes over “Mommy -up” I turn over – togreet her.”What’s up Abbey?” “Abbey wants to go out!” This is something Abbey loves to do go out. “Abbey go to Church-see Mamare (that is what she calls my mom) and see Jesus. My mom works at a Church and is not at all religious. (That’s a matter for a different time) So that is what I dotake her to Church-she sits in daycare-till Church is over then looks for Jesus. When people ask what she is doing-she replies “Abbey look for Jesus” She also love to show off her Buddha too.  “Abbey loves Buddha she says” People are always amazed. Then I smile and say “Who is Jesus” Abbey in a happy voice -“He died on the Cross” then continues her search. She always will find him in the Church.

No typical 2 1/2 year old I know has such a fasination with Jesus. I think it came about from taking her to Church one day and telling her who he was. In any case she looks for him. The Buddha was just something hand sized she loved to hold. Her favorite thing in the whole wide world.

This is Abbey. My Abbey. My little girl-the love of my life. And for the next three weeks you will get to know Abbey and I hope you love her as much as I do.

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Welcome to Qwriting.org. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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