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Sunday morning is the Lords day. You are not suppost to do work by any means. Did being a Sunday School Teacher count as work? Of corse not, silly…doing Gods work did not count.
This is what Theresa told herself every Sunday. She had a hard time believing it though. It was once again Sunday morning. At about quarter to eight, Theresa piled into her car. She always had her cup of coffee and her buttered bagle with her. In about thirty minutes she would be pulling into the church drive way. Theresa put her coffee in the cup holder and her bagle on the dash board. She then began to look for her key.They were not in her pockets or on the dashbord. “Shit!Where the Fuck are my Keys” she screamed. Then took a deep breath in and closed her eyes. “Dear Jesus” she said “I am sorry for what I just said…I really am this time.” Theresa always left her car door unlocked. She could care less who stole her crappy junk car anyway. Then she opened her eyes and pulled her purse out from behind her seat “they must be in there she thought” and opened it. Sitting on top where her keys. She pulled them out, placed her purse back behind the seat, inserted the keys into the ignision and pulled out.
She was on her way. Destination Church of God! As she drove down the block things seemed strange. As she passed the Wagners house she noted that their green ford was not in the drive way. She then also noted that the Peters were not going for their Sunday morning jog or that there were any news papers on any of the lawns. “Thats strange, there is probably and explination.”
At the corner she waited for the light to change. “Hurry up!” she thought. “I want to move already.” but the light did not change. What was strange was there seemed to be no one else around like she had noted before. She climbed out of the car peering down the street. There was no one around. Theresa climbed back in her car and desided to head to Church. Theresa drove onto the highway. There was not a single car!
There was no sign of anything. Where was she? Did she enter the twilight zone or something? Since there was no car in sight Theresa became very worried. She didn’t want to dottle. She picked up her driving pace and drove 65 in a 35 lane. She turned at her exit and raced to Church. She pulled into the driveway and noted there was no one there.
She was scared to get out. What if Aliens have taken over the world she though. Now that’s silly. She slowly unlocked her doors and got out. Slowly she closed her door and looked around the Church parking lot. In the distace she could see a pick up truck heading towrd her. What should she do? Theresa desided to wait and see who it was. As it got near here she could make out a figure of a man in a white robe. He rolled down the window, it was Jesus.
“Hello Theresa.” he said. Theresa looked sceptical “Excuse me but who are you?” she said. ” I am Jesus..don’t your know who I am?” he said. “Yes but how? and where did everyone go?” Jesus took a breath and said “You are dying, in a coma and I have come to take you to heaven. This is your spirit in waiting.”
“Dying! How the hell am I dying? I not dying…” Jesus cut her off
“You were in a car crash last night on your way home from Billy’s””No I made it home, I swear I did…” “No on Pine Street three blocks from Billy’s you were so shaken up that he was leaving you, you never saw the cat.” “Did the cat make it?’ She sobbed “No, but that was part of Gods plan.” “Plan what plan?” “I kill a cat? That’s how I die?”
Theresa didn’t want to believe this.”This isn’t true, in a few minutes I swear I’ll hear my alarm and wake up.” Jesus reached out to touch her. “Don’t touch me!” Theresa backed up and begain to run away from Jesus. Where could she hide? Everywhere in the Church he would know to look, he’s Jesus for crying out loud. Then it hit her she’d hide on Marks street three blocks over in the whore house. Jesus wouldn’t go in there. She picked up her pace and began running. She got to the corner and waited for the light …then she remebered I’m dying I don’t have to wait. She finally rounded the courner and entered the whore house. In side it was dimly lite. A girl in a thong and and pasties greeted her. “Hello Theresa, the devil will be with you in a moment.” The devil? Now Theresa really began to think this was a dream. A moment later a man in a black suit entered. “Hello Theresa. So I see you have come to join me. Lets get you into somethinng more comfortabe.” With a snapp of his fingers Theresa was in a red bathrobe and red highheels. She could feel that she had on only a thong and pasties. “Get me out of this!!!” She yelled. “As you wish.” With a snap of his fingers Theresa was standing naked in front of him. Embarrised Theresa ran to duck behind the bar. “Why you hiding my dear? I thought you wanted to please me. By cominng her you are joining my girls.” Theresa began to sob. “Why the tears its not so bad..” Theresa looked up and saw the same girl that greeted her. “I’ve been here for years. I get fed have a place to sleep all for the price of sin. I live in the real world but I must do as Mr. D wants.” “What he wants?” “Oh yea, I’m a whore. I have unpretected sex for money. Although all money goes to Mr. D, and let me tell you, if u get pregnant u get locked up in here dancing pregnant till u pop…” “Pop?” Theresa was worried. “Yes pop birth the baby then Mr D destroies it. If u get aids or a std well…lets just say you hope you never get ether.” Theresa had heard enough she bolted past the girl and steight for the exit. Outside she was relived to see Jesus. “how did…” “Its all in Gods plan…are you ready?” Theresa didn’t know what to make of any of this but she did know that if it was her time she’d like to go to heaven with Jesus. She took Jesus hand and walked into the light.

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December 21st, 2011 at 5:46 am