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Dear Professor,
I must say this semester has gone by way to fast. I have learned alot in this class. So much of what I have learned I think will help me in the years to come. I never knew that writing blogs could be so hard. I mean I am used to just writing and posting not caring what was I said so much or who my audience was. Now I know that is a key component in writing, if one choses to make it good.
The poetry componet was by far the most challenging. I am used to sitting down and writing what comes to mind. I never had a theme before. Having a theme made it more challenging and I think that it helped me really make my work the best it could be. With that said, I wish we had spent more time on the different types of poems. Writing a villanelle, was challanging so I wish that I had more time to polish my poem.
The long short story I think was very daunting. I liked the assinment but I felt it was getting hard to work on the story for four weeks. With that said I did like the out come. I got to see the out come and I am very pleases with the result. It came from the in class assinment write the first line of a story. So I did and went with it. I had wanted to write about a blob monster but going home and seeing my dog lying in clothing sparked this story.
The short short story, I think should have been giving more time to work on. What I mean is that we should have been told to post them so others could see what we had done. I think that then I would not have felt so rushed with it and produced my best work. I came up with the theme for the story just by chance. I was sitting down to write it and it came to me, so I went with it. I really like it and want to one day do something more with it.
I think having a blog site to post on helped alot. I was able to them come back and see what I had done. I was also able to see what other had done as well. The comments that other gave me was a big help. I was able to see what I had done and what others had thought of my work. Then, I was able to then sit down and re-work what I had.
The in class writing assinments also helped not only spark ideas for assinments for this class but they helped me to see what I am capable of. These writing assinments helped me to see what kind of writer I am. I am a very sad kind of writer. All most all of my writing has a sad under tone. The themes of what we had to write about may have caused some of that but in general I think I am a sad kind of writer.
With all that being said I really enjoyed this class as a whole. I feel that I am taking away alot of useful things. I hope that if you ever teach this class again you will use some of the stuff that you have done here. In all I am thankful that you tough this wonderful class. -Thank you-Prudence

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December 21st, 2011 at 5:45 am

One Response to “cover letter”
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      jenny abeles says:

    Hi Pru. It sounds as though you benefitted from the course and felt challenged by it at times—both very good things! Sorry the process of writing the short short story seemed too hurried for you—you’re probably right that some peer critique could’ve helped you revise it. I’ll keep that in mind for next time!

    Still, you’ve done a good job creatively imagining this story. A pitched battle for the soul of Theresa, eh? The devil as a pimp and Jesus in a pick-up truck… how else might your representations of these age-old figures shed more light on what they mean to our world today? How can you say something new about them, help us to see them in a new way? This is always the challenge of working with characters that have been familiar and discussed for a long time.

    I’ve commented pretty extensively on “Death of a Blob” already—sad tho’ it may be, it describes one of those unforgettable and potent moments of any young child’s life—the death of a beloved pet. You can really make the inherent power of such memories—often our first experience with death—work in your favor in this story.

    You’ve been a perfect student this semester, Pru—attentive, serious, and diligent about your work. You deserve this A!