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The smelly old blob lay down to die. He was all alone. He had found himself curled up, in a pile of old clothing. The clothing was piled up in the long hall way that lead to Uncle Sammy’s room. It had been there for months, it was bags and bags of dirty unwashed clothing and it was starting to smell musty and wet. And to top it all off it was rotting. The blob was unable to move, let alone yelp in pain as he lay there in the mess. The little girl was the last to say good-bye. Though at 2 1/2, the little girl didn’t know that this was good-bye.
It had been like any other morning, chaotic. The blob watched as the family did its normal rutine. They ran around like chicken with their heads cut off. The family made up of Uncle Sammy,Grandma,the little girls mother Mandy, and the little girl herself Annible. Oh and of corse Rex the dog, aka the blob. Rex was an old dog of 13 years. He was round and what was left of his white fur was madded all over his body. He was begining to stink, like rotting flesh. Ironicly he chose to lay in the rottiing clothing.
The morning that Rex died was like any full of pandamoneum. The family except for Uncle Sammy had awoken late. Rex could feel the house take on a tone of panic. This state of panic caused Mandy to dress Annible in a hurry and yell at her mother in the prosses. “Mom, where the hell is my text book? Where going to miss the bus” Her mother replied as alway with some smart remark “Take Rex out and I’ll find it.” Mandy always knew or so she thought, taking Rex out would solve nothing. So she never did. Rex never counted on Mandy to take him out. After 20 minutes of scrambeling to get out the door Mandy and her mother where ready. Mandy was off to school, and her mother was off to work. Annible was off to daycare.
Mandy and her mother walked out the door forgetting Annible. When they reached the front porch a half asleep Uncle Sammy who had been sitting on the porch most of the night blurted out “Aren’t you forgetting Annabile?” Mandy looking back at her mom quickly grabed her keys and returned inside. “Annible” she yelled, “Where are you?” “Mommy,sitting with Rex.” “Well lets go now, before you start to stink and we miss the bus ” Mandy screamed, “You can see Rex later.”
Slowly Annible got up form the pile of clothing where Rex was laying. She looked down at the dog, took in a deep breath turned bending over and hugged him. Then letting go she wispered “I’ll miss you.” she did not know that shortly there after he would be gone.
Did Rex know he was about to die? No one can say for sure. He was always in pain and today was like any other. He had lived a long life. Thirteen years to be exast. On the morning he died, he could not stop dreaming. It was if his whole life was a blob on a movie reel. Pictures flashed before his eyes. Memories of his puppy life. The days he spent in the park and those not so happy days when he was left at the kennel. Then there was the arrivle of Annible.
Annible had been a surprise to Rex. It was if he had woken one morning in a dream, he hadn’t left. Annible was something special to Rex. Her arrivale made Rex feel like a puppy again. From the time Annible could walk Rex took it upon himself to look out for her.
Now he was leaving her to fend for herself in the world.
Rex worried for Anniable.
They had grown such a bond Rex worried about what his death would do to her. There was nothing that could be done though. He was old and his time was up.
The apartment was quiet. But Rex wouldn’t have known that. He was deaf. He hadn’t heard moments before that Annible had said her final good bye. A key turned in the door Uncle Sammy tired entered the apartment. Walked to the back of the house. Climing over the piles of clothing and Rex. “Shit Rex, you stink man.” He muttered. Rex sat up the best he could. “Not now Rex I’ll walk you later.” Then he shut his door forgetting Rex excisted. Uncle Sammy sat on his bed tired and counted his nights pay. He desided to smoke a joint before heading to bed. Shortly after Sammy curled up in bed and fell asleep forgetting Rex needed to go out. Rex lay his head back down closing his eyes. He really had to pee. He knew that it would be hours before he was walked. Rex began to dream of what it must be like to be walked all the time. His dreams were starting to be reality. Rex couldn’t tell if Uncle Sammy had come out of the room dressed and ready to walk him. In anycase Rex hoped that he was being walk. Rex slowly walked down the stairs out side and peed. This was a happy moment for Rex but he really hadn’t gone out he had just peed where he was laying. Rex still had no idea that he had peed where he was laying. For what seemed like hours Rex had dreams of a long walk he would never go on. He would visit the park, walk around the neighborhood peeing in all his favorite spots.
At last Rex headed home, up the stairs to be greated by a smiling Annible. And with that the door shut behind him and he was gone. Rex had died.
At about 6:45 the door to the house opened Annible bursting past her mom looking for Rex. Mandy to into her own agenda walked into her bed room and colaped on the bed. Annible finally found Rex laying in the hallway in a pile of pee and old clothing. Bending down she rubed his head and got no responce. Annible tried harder to get him to move but nothing happened. Annible didn’t know what to do. Climbing over the dead dog she ran to get Uncle Sammy. Opening the door she called “Sammy, Rex isn’t moving.” The half asleep Sammy opened his eyes and look at the girl. “He’s just sleeping” and turned over and went back to sleep. Annible went out into the hall way and lay down next to the dog holding him. He still didn’t move. Annible was worried. She got up covered in pee and ran to find her mom. “Mommy she yelled Rex isn’t moving.” Her mother climed out of bed and went into the hall way where Annible was standing. “He’s just asleep” moving her foot to shack him. Rex didn’t move.
Mandy did not know what to tell Annible. Pulling her daughter away from Rex she lead her into the living room. “Annible I’m sorry Rex is dead.” She said as tears rolled down her face. Annible begain to cry. “No mommy he come back he be like Jesus.” “I’m sorry sweety he’s gone.” and with that Annible ran to where Rex was and lay down. Mandy still crying tried to pick Annible up but Annible held on for dear life.
Uncle Sammy awoke and sat up the noise had woken him. He opened his door to find Annible hugging Rex andd Mandy crying. “he’s dead she said” Uncle Sammy bent down to see. After a moment, he sighed “Yes he is” Looking at Annible he picked her up and handed her to her mother. Annbile wiggled and tried to put up a fight. “No, no Rex” she yelled. Mandy took the crying child in her arms and rocked her. She felt bad for not walking Rex that morning. She wondered if that may have killed him. But there was no need for blame now. Rex was dead.

I am not sure how to end the story any suggestions would help thanks!

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November 28th, 2011 at 2:50 am

One Response to “The Death of a Blob”
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      jenny abeles says:

    There are some really touching moments in this, Pru, and you’ve hit on a great truth about old pets. It’s easy to love them when they’re young and vital and funny and handsome, but as they age and begin to throw up and pee everywhere and drag poop around and lose their fur and get really demanding around mealtimes, it’s much, much harder to care for them as we should. (I have a couple 19-year old cats that test my patience *every single day*!) It’s a sad fact, and makes us wonder if our exasperation and impatience with the elderly people in our lives is just as bad…

    Anyway, that’s the emotional register you’re working with, and it’s a poignant one. The juxtaposition of all the human hubbub and activity around this still and dying dog is nicely poised, and the human characters seem real enough without you’re spending too much time delineating them. Some very nice writing here; I’d only suggest looking for places to economize your language, being crisp and succinct, editing out places that feel redundant.

    As for an ending, you know how Carter’s story “The Tiger’s Bride” differs from “Beauty and the Beast” while at the same time nodding toward it? Try this: reread Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Little Match Girl.” There are some echoes between that story and yours; it might inspire you toward an ending.

    Good luck, and can’t wait to see what you do!