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The smelly old blob lay down to die. He was all alone. He had found himself curled up, in a pile of old clothing. He was unable to move, let alone yelp in pain. The little girl was the last to say good-bye. Though at 2 1/2, the little girl didn’t know that this was good-bye.
It had been like any other morning, chaotic. The blob watched as the family did its normal rutine. The family made up of Uncle Sammy,Grandma,the little girls mother Mandy, and the little girl herself Annible. Oh and of corse Rex the dog, aka the blob. Rex was an old dog of 13 years. He was round and what was left of his white fur was madded all over his body. He was begining to stink, like rotting flesh.
The morning that Rex died was like any other. The family except for Uncle Sammy had awoken late. In a state of panic Mandy dressed Annible yelling at her mother in the prosses. “Mom, where the hell is my text book? Where going to miss the bus” Her mother replied as alway with some smart remark “Take Rex out and I’ll find it.” Mandy always knew or so she thought, taking Rex out would solve nothing. So she never did. After 20 minutes of scrambeling to get out the door Mandy and her mother where ready. Mandy off to school, and her mother off to work. Annible would be off to daycare.
Mandy and her mother walked out the door forgetting Annible. When they reached the front porch a half asleep Uncle Sammy blurted out “Aren’t you forgetting Annabile?” Mandy looking back at her mom quickly grabed her keys and returned inside. “Annible” she yelled, “Where are you?” “Mommy,sitting with Rex.” “Well lets go now” Mandy screamed, “You can see Rex later.”
Slowly Annible got up form the pile of clothing where Rex was laying. She looked down at the dog, took in a deep breath turned bending over and hugged him. Then letting go she wispered “I’ll miss you.” she did not know that shortly there after he would be gone. But that last line she muttered to some may have made them think she did.
Did Rex know he was about to die? No one can say for sure. He had lived a long life. Thirteen years to be exast. On the morning he died, he could bot stop dreaming. It was if his whole life was a blob on a movie reel. Pictures flashed before his eyes. Memories of his puppy life. The days he spent in the park and those not so happy days when he was left at the kennel. Then there was the arrivle of Annible.
Annible had been a surprise to Rex. It was if he had woken one morning in a dream, he hadn’t left. Annible was something special to Rex. Her arrivale made Rex feel like a puppy again. From the time Annible could walk Rex took it upon himself to look out for her.
Now he was leaving her to fend for herself in the world.
Rex worried for Anniable.
They had grown such a bond Rex worried about what his death would do to her. There was nothing that could be done though. He was old and his time was up.

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November 14th, 2011 at 9:12 pm

3 Responses to “Death of a Blob”
  1. 1
      erin says:

    i really like what you did here. the fact you wrote “his whole life was a blob on a movie reel” really helps clarify what you mean by blob. i also really love that rex is worried about the young girl, having a dog it makes me really love the characters. i can also relate to the love between the dog and girl. im curious to see where youll go from here. there was some grammatical errors but great work.

  2. 2
      samantha says:

    This story is so sad. I think it’s really coming together and I although I don’t want Rex to die, I can’t wait to see where this goes. I’m rooting for a happy ending though =)

  3. 3
      Prudence says:

    Thank you both! I am sorry for the gramatical and spelling errors I promise I will fix them! I am getting sad mysef with the story but I feel Rex must die…