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Pretty Reliable
Rock Star Mom
Unique Sister
Dearing Me
Energetic Lover
Noble American
Caring Soul
Envious Girl

These are the self spining world pools
Painted and Sung
Into the baine of exeistance
That walk the Earth
Foot steps that spell out for all to see
The soul that embodies P.R.U.D.E.N.C.E
The girl
The peron
The self
She is born one of few words but of great action
In the end
She will live
She will die
She will be me

Cliquic I know but This is Self Me!

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October 29th, 2011 at 4:34 am

7 Responses to “Poem #2”
  1. 1
      erin says:

    hey i really liked poem poems. the haiku was impressive. im sure i couldnt do that and it was really well done. this poem is also well done. it paints a really lovely image of who prudence is or wants to be. the list type part in the beginning is really enjoyable. i like being let in into your mind and what makes you you. i really enjoy all the descriptive words also. i wonder what are the circumstances behind each word used, are there specific moments that make you a “unique sister” or an “envious girl?” i really enjoyed both your poems, thank you for them.

  2. 2
      erin says:

    haha i meant both* poems. not poem poems. that just makes no sense.

  3. 3
      samantha says:

    This poem is so to the point and honest. I really love how you consider yourself a pretty reliable rock star mom, still having tendencies of a child. I too act like im 15 once in a while too much. =)

    She will live
    She will die
    She will be me…I love this ending…it begins with live and doesn’t end in die. It simply states that you exis and that after you don’t anymore, you are unique because there is only one you.

    Great job as always

  4. 4
      Prudence says:

    thank you both…Erin I did think about explaing what those words ment but the poem got to wordy and long…i may sit down and think about that and try and revize the poem again 🙂

  5. 5
      michelle says:

    I was going through everyone poem, and I found yours more enjoyable to read. It was straight to point and I got so much out from your poem. I think this poem of yours says alot about you. Compared to my poem, I find that it sucks, but yours is simply great. I like it all.
    Good Job 🙂

  6. 6
      michelle says:

    i like it alot* i mean

  7. 7
      jenny abeles says:

    hi prudence.

    i like the way you describe yourself, too, particularly “envious girl” and “energetic lover.” funny and honest. i don’t get “dearing me”– is that a type-o? also, i like “world pools;” sounds like “whirlpools” but a different image altogether. your haiku is nice, too. maybe we should do exquisite corpse haikus in class?

    you’ve done good work on the poetry section–looking forward to your portfolio!